Wednesday, June 30, 2010

L'oreal Extra volume collagen mascara

What I wanted - volume, waterproof (doesnt go uner my eyes to make me look like a racoon), and black

what the package said: all day wear, no clump, no flakes no smudging

what happened:

I am getting ready for a big trip and was looking for a good cheap mascara,so I went to walgreens. But once I used it was very flakey . I will say that this is the worst mascara I have ever used. It was super clumpy and had alot of flakes. It looks like I put way too much on, when I only did one coat. I even used one of those eyelash combs and it is still super clumpy.

( The mascara looks super clumpy even on the brush)
(and I got the waterproof one)

pros: cool container, somewhat water resistance
con: clumpy, super super flakey



- Olivia